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  • Your 2019-2020 Regional Board

    President- Ariana Zwern Ariana is beyond thrilled to be serving as your President this year! Aside from NFTY, her favorite things include succulents, fairy lights, and genuine conversations. She lives in Fair Oaks (near Sacramento) and attends the local Waldorf school. Her hobbies include playing with the school sheep, making a mess with acrylic paints, writing

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  • A Look Back on NFTY Convention 2019

    By Oliver Giles, SRFY Let me just start off by saying this, I love NFTY. From my first event in 9th grade, C-DUBB Smash, I’ve always enjoyed it. But out of all the cities and events I’ve been to because of NFTY, Convention is probably my favorite. I was one of the few ninth graders

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