Blog  CWR Cabinet Application Now Open!

CWR Cabinet Application Now Open!

We’re incredibly excited to launch our cabinet application for the 5778-5779 program year. Below you will find information on the cabinet positions available for this upcoming program year. Please be sure to read through each committee carefully. NFTY Central West regional cabinet, works directly with our regional board members to build and run NFTY programming throughout the year, and are an integral part in the support and running of each NFTY weekend and event. We ask that each cabinet member be available for two regional leadership meetings throughout the year, as well as regular calls as needed with regional board members, and full regional leadership.

For more information about cabinet responsibilities, please read through the cabinet application >

Available Committee’s*

*Click links to see available roles on each committee

Event Chair

Programming Committee

Social Action Committee

Religious and Cultural Committee**

**Includes songleading team

Membership Committee

Communications Committee

Fundraising and Merchandising Committee

-Applications Due July 7th!-