Blog  Your 2019-2020 Regional Board

Your 2019-2020 Regional Board

President- Ariana Zwern

Ariana is beyond thrilled to be serving as your President this year! Aside from NFTY, her favorite things include succulents, fairy lights, and genuine conversations. She lives in Fair Oaks (near Sacramento) and attends the local Waldorf school. Her hobbies include playing with the school sheep, making a mess with acrylic paints, writing poetry, star gazing, riding horses, thrifting, and listening to music. Ariana is passionate about building community wherever she goes, empowering others to reach their highest potential, and encouraging people to live authentically. She can’t wait to spend the next year continuing to learn and grow with you!


Programming Vice President- Brandon Folb

Brandon is ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve as Programming Vice President for the 5779-5780 term. He has been coming to regional events since eighth grade and has come back for every regional event since. Brandon really enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, exercising, and playing sports. Brandon is really excited to give back to the community that always been there for him. If you have a chance, please come up and say hi to him, as it is his goal to get to know everyone in the region next year!


Social Action Vice President- Becky Marcus


Becky is super excited to be on regional board this year and contribute to her favorite community in a larger way. When not at NFTY, Becky can be found in the sound booth of her school’s theater or sometimes even dancing onstage. She also is an active member of her school’s Young Feminists Club that works to spread social justice throughout the district. At home, Becky writes NFTY programs with the help of her two cats, Huch & Finn. Becky enjoys engaging in conversation, so feel free to approach her- she’d love to get to know you!



Religious and Cultural Vice President- Maddie Langbein

Hi my name is Maddie Langbein and I am a Junior at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA. I am part of LAFTY at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA, and I am exciting to be RCVP for NFTY CWR’s 5779-5780 board. Although I love so many things about NFTY, my favorite element is the people. Not only do I enjoy talking to all of the amazing individuals in NFTY CWR, but I love watching everyone as happy as can be. Smiles, laughs, hugs, and joy absolutely everywhere. This loving, strong, powerful community is something I will cherish for the rest of my life and never EVER forget. I feel so special when I’m at a NFTY event, a feeling that words can’t describe. This community gives me a great sense of belonging, a place where I am free to be me. I am looking forward to leading you this upcoming year and I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Membership Vice President- Catherine Orange

Hi! I’m Catherine! I am a member of Congregation Beth Shalom in Sacramento, as well as a member of BSTY. I have been attending events since the end of Freshman year and haven’t missed a regional event since. I am very passionate about NFTY and I am so excited to serve on your 5779-5780 regional board! My favorite things asidde from NFTY are dogs, spicy foods, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and candles. In my free time I do musical theater, dance, and painting! I am eager to meet everyone and make as many friends as possible. CWR has always been a place that has made me feel special and loved, and I am so happy I have a chance to five back. If you me at events please say hi, I would to chat and bond!


Communications Vice President- Sam Taxay


Sam Taxay is super excited to join regional board as Communications Vice President! He’s from Belmont, CA and is a junior at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco. He has spent his summers at URJ Camp Newman for the past 8 years and will be joining the CIT program this upcoming summer. Outside of NFTY , you can find him on Market Street in San Francisco taking photos, playing ice hockey or rock climbing. He can’t wait to get started and get to know everyone in the region next year!


Fundraising and Merchandising Vice President- Leah Atkins

Leah is thrilled to be joining regional board as fundraising and merchandising vice president! She joined NFTY in 8th grade and has loved being a part of the community ever since! She enjoys learning more about science and exploring all different sorts of creative things such as painting, drawing, photography, acting, and dancing. She is super stoked to get to know even more wonderful people through the role, and loves to learn all about everyone, so feel free to come up to her at any event and chat!