Blog  Announcing the NFTY CWR 2021-2022 Regional Board Candidates!

Announcing the NFTY CWR 2021-2022 Regional Board Candidates!

We are thrilled to announce the candidates for NFTY CWR’s 2021-2022 Regional Board! Each of these candidates has demonstrated leadership in our region with the many gifts and tremendous passion that they’ve already brought to our community, and the fact that they are choosing to run is a demonstration of their love for NFTY CWR. We will be electing next year’s Regional Board at Virtual Spring Conclave, March 5-6th, and each TYG will receive a copy of every candidate’s position poster at the event. In advance of the event, please read through the materials for each candidate to ensure you and your TYG are informed voters for this election process. Speeches will be available on this page in the coming weeks. Elections will happen during Asefah on Saturday afternoon. Please be in touch with Jackie Kleinstein, West Area Manager, if you have any questions.

Candidates for President

Candidates for Programming Vice President

Audrey Jacobson


Candidates for Social Action Vice President

Candidates for Religious and Cultural Vice President

Candidates for Membership Vice President

Candidates for Communication Vice President