Meet Our Regional Board

Moriah Chedekel, President
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Responsibilities: Liaison to Senior Regional Director and other adult leadership. Oversees all activities of Regional Board members. Mentors all TYG presidents.

Rachel Chancellor, Programming Vice President
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Responsibilities: Oversees all regional programming. Looks at event schedule as a whole to ensure continuity. Mentors all TYG programming vice presidents.

Liora Ami, Social Action Vice President
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Responsibilities: provides social action opportunities at regional events. Helps guide regional social justice initiatives throughout the course of the school year. Mentors all TYG social action vice presidents.

Hannah MarcusReligious and Cultural Vice President
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Responsibilities: Organizes regional services and Torah studies. Brings elements of Jewish and Israeli culture to the region. Mentors all TYG religious and cultural vice presidents.

Jamie Cotter, Membership Vice President
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Responsibilities: Writes all regional mixers; oversees all regional retention projects. Mentors all TYG membership vice presidents.

Nina Heller, Communications Vice President
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Responsibilities: Takes minutes at all regional executive and general board meetings, handles all correspondence between regional board and the rest of the community, manages social media campaigns for the region. Mentors all TYG Communication Vice Presidents.

Lexie Ewer, Fundraising & Merchandise Vice President
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Responsibilities: Responsible for all regional fundraising, creating/ordering/selling all regional merchandise. Mentors all TYG treasurers and fundraising & merchandise vice presidents.

NFTY CWR Cabinet

The NFTY CWR cabinet is comprised a group of passionate and devoted NFTYites who represent the extended leadership of the region. Cabinet applicants apply at the end of the year and are appointed prior to C-Dubb Smash, the first event of the year. The work closely with the regional board to planning components of weekend events and help reach out to the great region.

2017-2018 Cabinet:

Event Chairs:

Fallinter: Ariana Zwern
Spring Conclave: Danny Katz
Gesher Kallah: Kaitlyn Huntley

Programming Committee: Leeza Wong, Maddy Halseth, Samantha Goldstein, Sam Rubenfeld, Ben Schwartz, Leah Ezekial
Social Action Committee: Jake Cohen, Ariana Delavan, Caroline Silberglitt, Hannah Snyder
Religious & Cultural Committee: Shaina Zins, Hailey Weinford, Sarah Abramson, Margeaux Wolberg
Membership Committee: Brandon Folb, Jacob Reba, Luke Sena, Audrey Feiwell, Hayden Mackey, Sam Duman
Communications Committee: Anna Cohen, Emma Goldner
Fundraising & Merchandise Committee: Izzy Young, Jacob Cohen, Lauren Varhula

Running for Regional Board

Thank you for your interest in running for NFTY CWR Regional Board! This is an extremely exciting process. The first step in beginning your journey is to understand the responsibilities and obligations required for the seven Regional Board positions. Each position requires great dedication, time and a financial commitment. Please read through the packet thoroughly with your parent/guardian and discuss the commitment it will mean for you and your family if elected. In order to officially begin the process of running for the 2018-2019 Regional Board, please review the packet below, and ensure you meet all deadlines. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at
Download the Central Western Region Board Application

NFTY Central West Region is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Senior Regional Director of Youth Engagement who oversees all programs and administration.


Sierra Meszaros


Sierra is excited to join the NFTY CWR and Camp Newman Family, as the NFTY CWR Regional Advisor. Sierra is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she…